February 17, 2010

The Beverly Hills of Miller Children's Hospital

Posted by Elvin Jaurigue at 4:10 PM

Eli has moved once again to what some of the NICU nurses call "Beverly Hills." It is the new NICU wing of Miller Children's Hospital. Everything is nice and spic and span and in pristine condition. This will also be the last (hopefully) room Eli goes to before he leaves the hospital. Each of the babies in this wing gets their own little cubicle. It doesn't look like much space in the picture but it is a world of difference. We even get our own rocking chair! Eli is doing great still, he just received some vaccinations and will be weaning from the incubator when he reaches 1800 gms. He is currently 1691 gms. (3lbs 11oz) He's slowly getting there. He just recently started bottle feeding and breastfeeding. Since he is still small he only does it twice a day because it burns so many calories. He needs to build his endurance so that he can eventually take all his feedings without the need of a tube.


Anh on February 17, 2010 at 6:03 PM said...

haha can't believe you already put that beanie on him! haha looks cute tho. now can you post videos of him!!

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