January 6, 2010

The Big 2-0

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Eli is now officially heavier than when he was born. He now weighs over 2 pounds! 2.2 to be exact, and it seems to all be going to him belly. And he looks nothing like he did when he was born. He now gets all his nutrients with only breast milk and some fortifier that they add to increase his calorie intake. But no more IVs! This picture was taken right after we gave him a bath, which is why he is so awake, since he was crying and fidgety the whole time.

Male Bonding

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It is now our routine to hold Eli "skin to skin" everyday when we get there at 5pm. So now we aren't just spending hours staring into an incubator! It's so hard not to want to hug and squeeze him tight when we're holding him. He's too little yet, hopefully soon! We take turns holding him, but of course I think he likes his mommy better!!

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