February 11, 2010

Day 61

Posted by Elvin Jaurigue at 5:04 PM

Eli is back to his routine of full feedings every three hours. For Eli's weight, which is now 3 1/2 pounds!, a full feeding is 29 ccs almost 1 fluid oz.

His corrected age is now 34 weeks, which is about the time preemies develop sucking and swallowing reflexes. He's been pretty good with the pacifier, so hopefully the transition to bottle feeding goes well. Come next week an occupational therapist will work with with Eli to coordinate breathing, sucking, and swallowing all at the same time. They tend to burn a lot of calories while feeding, so this is usually a slow process starting once a day, progressing to a couple time a days, until all his feedings come exclusively from the bottle.


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